Account management

How do I reset my password ?

If you cannot remember your Azopio password or want to change it, you will need to reset your password. Please click on the “Forgot your password” link located on the Login page and follow the instructions.

How do I manage access rights ?

To manage access right is possible for plans having several users (STARTER, STANDARD or PREMIUM plans). You can manage it from “Manage your account” and then “Manage your account details”.

The “Users management” tab will enable the account administrator to grant to a new user one out of the three different access rights: Guest, Associate, and Administrator.The following table sums up what can be done depending on your access type :

Actions Guest Associate Administrator
To see a document Yes Yes Yes
To download a document Yes Yes Yes
To move or share a document No Yes Yes
To delete a document Yes Yes Yes
To add a document Yes Yes Yes
To connect a supplier account No Yes Yes
To connect a bank account No Yes Yes
To add a user to the account No No Yes
To delete or to change a user No No Yes
To change the subscription plan No No Yes

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