Document management

How do you file the received documents ?

Azopio automatically files all the received documents by applying a pre-defined methodology:

First of all, our software automatically detects the type of document that has been sent :

  1. Supplier invoice
  2. Customer invoice
  3. Receipt
  4. Bank
  5. Other

All documents with a type from 1 to 4 are automatically filed in a folder according to its date of creation and its type (for example, an invoice from a supplier dating from September 1st 2016 will be filed in the folder “2016/09/Supplier Invoice” and the bank statement of November 2016 will be filed in the folder “2016/11/Bank”.

All the documents with a type 5 (Other) are filed in the folder “Other Documents”.

Can I move a filed document if desired ?

Of course! You can move documents yourself if you want. There are two possibilities :

  1. If the document type is “Other” then you need to use the “Move” functionality that is displayed on the screen
  2. Else, the document will be automatically moved from the date you will change from the document viewer

To optimize the search of documents, it is highly recommended to move all documents through our interface rather than via the storage solution.

Can I create new folders myself ?

You can easily create your own folders from the root “Other Document”. The folders located under the root “Year” are automatically created by Azopio thanks to the information extracted by our software.

How can I retrieve my documents ?

Azopio enables you to quickly retrieve your documents either :

  1. By using the keywords search facility ;
  2. By browsing the folders via the function « Browse your files » ;

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