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Automatisation de votre comptabilité : collecte & saisie de factures

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Fetching processing & rendering data to manage your cash and accounting
Fetching processing & rendering data to manage your cash and accounting

Azopio’s features

Automatically fetch bank transactions

Azopio automatically retrieves all your financial transactions and saves you time running your business ! Azopio connects to a large number of bank’s to automatically collect and centralize all your bank transactions in one place. You don’t need to worry downloading your monthly bank statements anymore; Azopio synchronizes with your bank accounts and pulls out daily all your transactions.

To prevent losing your receipts, simply snap them with your phone and send them, in one click, onto your Azopio account to be instantly processed. Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms extract automatically and in a split second, the useful accounting data from all cash register slips or receipts. Never lose another receipt and stop wasting valuable time inputting data manually into spreadsheets ! A solution to make your way toward a paperless office  !

Import bank transactions feeds
Digital storage and filing of all business documents: bills, receipts, invoices

Centralize, organize, sort and store all your bills and documents !

Azopio collects, digitizes, centralizes and stores all your bills, invoices and financial documents in one place. Easily and quickly find your documents, automatically sorted and filed according to a predefined method to optimize document management processes.

Automatically processes and extracts data from your bills & invoices

No more manual data entry ! Save time and gain productivity with Azopio ! Our solution extracts key information and values from your bills and receipts (Name, Date, Invoice number, Currency, Amounts, and Taxes) allowing it to retrieve quickly documents based on any of these data. Azopio generates an accounting report that can easily be integrated into your accounting software.

Artificial Intelligence-powered document data extraction for receipts, invoices, and bills
Automated bank reconciliation

Reconcile your bank accounts

Once your bank account is connected to Azopio, it collects the financial transactions occurring on this account on a daily basis, reconciles its matching suppliers or clients and suggests the relating invoices or bills. Azopio lets you know what documents are missing, so you know what bills are outstanding… !

That way you get to know your cash position in real-time, whenever you need it.

Synchronise and duplicate your documents to your favorite cloud storage solution

Azopio enables you to connect to one of the market leaders of online storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box) and daily drops a copy of all your sorted documents onto the selected cloud solution.

If you wish so, your documents are therefore not only stored onto your Azopio account, but also copied onto your usual drive, offering you an extra back-up.

We let you free to keep or choose the methods and tools you currently use or wish to use !

Back-up to your favorite cloud storage platforms

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No data is sold to third party.

All our servers, databases and network infrastructure are located in the European Union !


We are partnering with secured data centers and providing a redundant infrastructure.

All data transfers are SSL-secured.

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Your documents always remain with you, as we synchronize them to your Cloud storage solution provider.

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