Analytical accounting

Extraction intelligente et traitement automatique des factures et reçus

Cost accounting is a valuable management tool for companies with several activities, whatever their size. The more distinct activities a company has, the more it is in its interests to set up cost accounting, even if it is a very small business.

Why use analytics ?

Cost accounting is based on general accounting, but takes a more in-depth look at a company’s expenses or income. Its aim is to provide a better understanding of how a company operates and to help managers in their decision-making.

Comptabilité analytique
Comptabilité avec codes et axes analytiques

Code and Analytical Axis

An analytical code can therefore correspond to a distinct activity of the company (for example, an analysis of the sale of the company’s products). The analytical axis corresponds to a type of characteristic linked to the analytical code (e.g. the type of product, the location of the customer who purchased the product). Azopio lets you add a maximum of 3 analytical axes for a given analytical code.

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