Azopio offers a simple and efficient suite of features

Azopio’s robust suite of features will transform the way you manage and organize your documents. Digitally capture, store, share and unleash important accounting data from anywhere, anytime.


Automatically forward emails and their attachments directly to your Azopio account

Mobile capture

Capture your receipts with a snap of a picture thanks to our iOS and Android mobile app: Azopio Snap


Drop or upload any file from your computer and Azopio will automatically detect and parse your documents


Scan or use the Demat’Box to get your paper documents into Azopio

Bank fetcher

Automatically fetches all your banking transactions by connecting your bank accounts

Email fetcher

Automatically collect bills and invoices from your email account


Centralize and sort automatically all your documents according to a predefined method


Save all your documents in our digital vault


Possibility of an additional backup for all your documents on a cloud storage solution (Gdrive, Dropbox,…)


Intelligent data recognition of your invoices and receipts to save date entry time


Every document is easily retrived thanks tou our powerfil search engine


Display key information in the form of a simple and easy to understand dashboard

Businesses and accountants can collaborate by sharing comments as well as documents and their data

Validation workflow

Ability to send your invoices in a validation workflow

Azopio generates the accounting entries in Excel and various formats allowing their export to your accounting tool


Azopio integrate with third-party solutions to launch other actionable processes (payment, accounting,…)


Azopio uses the same encryption standard used by bank to secure transfer of customer data


Use Azopio services from virtually everywhere

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