Purchase invoice validation workflow

Collecte automatique des factures fournisseurs et clients

Azopio makes it possible to set up a short, simple and efficient supplier invoice validation circuit to improve the flow of information and make internal processes more reliable !

A simple workflow for active participation by your team in the validation process

Azopio can be used to centralise all a company’s accounting documents, including supplier invoices, but it can also be used to validate these documents and share them with people inside and outside the team.

From your space, you can send one or more invoices for validation to a specific e-mail address. You can also automate this task by assigning a specific supplier to a validator! The person concerned is notified and can then go to their space to validate or reject the invoice(s) assigned to them and give the reasons for their approval (e.g. the purchase requisition reference) or rejection (e.g. the service was not rendered and has therefore been sent to litigation).

It is important to note that Azopio allows an unlimited number of users to collaborate on its platform, and each guest is assigned a right (Administrator, Collaborator, Validator or Reader) giving them access to all or a limited number of functions.

Flux d’approbation et de validation des factures
Réconciliation des opérations bancaires aux factures d’achat et vente

Bank reconciliation to validate invoices and bank transactions

This purchase validation process can be supplemented by a payment validation process with which Azopio has a partnership. This ensures maximum security for the entire procurement process (buyer, accountant and payer).

As part of this overall dematerialisation approach, bank flows are captured directly in addition to invoices, and then automatically integrated into the workflow via bank reconciliation.

Azopio provides the Finance/Accounting team with the means to manage the validation process in real time and ensure faster, more participative control.

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