OCR recognition of invoices using Artificial Intelligence

Saisie automatisée des factures

You’ve probably already heard of OCR, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but what are the differences and how can these technologies automate invoice processing, eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and boosting the overall productivity of the finance and administration department.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) stands for Optical Character Recognition or Text Recognition, and is a technology that enables you to convert image documents such as a scanned PDF or photo into an editable and searchable text file. The first step is to digitise or dematerialise the document using a scanner, so that you can proceed to the second step of translating the document or image into text.

OCR recognises letters or words in images, enabling access to the actual content of documents. The technology then compares these with a group of images already processed by OCR or predefined, proposes hypotheses about the meaning of these characters based on its database, and finally selects the content that most closely matches the initial image.

OCR is a technology that has evolved enormously in recent years, and despite the progress made in this field, it is not capable on its own of understanding, classifying and categorising recovered textual data.

Extraction automatique des données clés
Gestion des factures avec intelligence artificielle IA

Machine Learning and the power of artificial intelligence

Machine Learning goes further than OCR, because it can understand the text extracted from a document. Algorithms can understand words and even sentences, so they can analyse an invoice in a similar way to a human being, but they can also optimise results by using multiple sources to sort through hypotheses more effectively. Azopio therefore uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract key data from invoices in an optimal way.

Use the latest technologies to automate time-consuming tasks and simplify day-to-day management

Azopio lets you digitise your invoices in the blink of an eye, either by scanning paper invoices directly and sending them to your account’s unique email address, or by transferring invoices received by email directly to your account’s unique email address or by connecting your mailbox directly to Azopio; or by photographing your business expense receipts via our mobile application.

Apprentissage de reconnaissance intelligente des factures

Thanks to artificial intelligence, there’s no need for manual data entry, saving you a considerable amount of time! The data is available within seconds of the document being submitted, so you can monitor and control your business in real time, thanks to data that’s always up to date !

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