API & Plugins

Int├ęgrations via l'API et les plugins Azopio

By providing an API and plugins,
Azopio enables interconnection or interoperability with your ecosystem of solutions, whether upstream or downstream, i.e. by making the data available on Azopio so that it can be used in other systems (downstream), but also by interfacing with your invoicing tools (upstream).

This makes it easier to connect the application to different solutions.

Why use the Azopio API?

The purpose of the API (Application Programming Interface) is to provide a well-defined method for accessing particular elements or services of Azopio in order to exploit them in other applications. It is thanks to APIs that systems can communicate with each other.

Interconnections via Api Azopio
Interconnections via Api Azopio

What is a Plugin ?

A plugin is a connector with which Azopio has a direct API. It enables documents and/or metadata to be transmitted directly to another solution with which Azopio is connected.

We have several plugins such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft OneDrive etc., so you can mirror all the documents you have on Azopio on the storage solution of your choice.

Azopio can also be used to connect accounting production tools such as ACD, Cegid Loop and MyUnisoft, enabling them to retrieve documents and accounting entries.

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