Automated entry of accounting records

Collecte automatique des factures fournisseurs et clients

Azopio offers businesses the most intuitive and efficient real-time online management solution on the market, enabling you to generate your accounts and work collaboratively with your accountancy firm.

Entry of purchase and sales invoices

Azopio allows you to collect invoices and receipts for your expenses using a variety of methods : sending them to the unique email address in your Azopio space, automatic collection of invoices from your suppliers’ websites, automatic retrieval via your mailbox connection, Azopio Snap Mobile Scanner Application, and also, if you wish, to centralise your customer invoices (by uploading them directly to your space or sending them to your space via a unique dedicated email address).

As soon as an invoice arrives in your space, it is automatically and instantaneously recognised, which means that the name, date, currency and amounts including VAT and excluding VAT are extracted, without any prior configuration! From there, you or your accountant can associate an accounting account with it (supplier account, expense account, VAT account) and also one or more cost-accounting codes, which will then be assigned to the supplier/customer or third party.
There are 2 types of export available : an Excel export for tracking your invoices, monitoring payments/due dates/bank reconciliation, which is useful for the day-to-day management of your business, and an accounting export (purchase journal/sales journal), which can be imported directly into the accounting software packages such as Sage, Cegid, ACD, Ibiza, EBP, etc. that your chartered accountant usually uses.

Extraction intelligente et traitement automatique des factures et re├žus
Synchronisation des comptes bancaires

Entering bank flows

By connecting your bank account directly to Azopio, your transactions are automatically displayed in real time in “Bank” and can be exported at any time for integration into your accounts. You no longer need to connect to your bank and download the statements, then have to manually enter and punch them in Excel.

Azopio will suggest a reconciliation and all you have to do is validate to automatically associate the voucher with the transaction. Your accountant can then export the bank journal corresponding to each of the connected bank accounts, enabling him to check the consistency between your bank movements/accounting vouchers and the accounting records.

Azopio recovers, centralises and stores all your scanned documents, then extracts the key information (amounts, VAT, date, name, etc.) to automatically generate accounting entries that can be imported into the accounting production software on the market.

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