Electronic invoicing and connection to Partner Dematerialisation Platforms (PDP) and Public Billing Portal (PPF)

Collecte automatique des factures fournisseurs et clients

Azopio now supports invoices in Factur-X format, enabling you to stay ahead of the regulatory changes that will gradually become the norm from 2026. The solution will be interconnected with both the Partner Dematerialisation Platforms (PDP) and the Public Billing Portal (PPF).

What is Factur-X ?

Factur-x is a joint standard between France and Germany, complying with the European semantic standard EN 16931, and belongs to the family of electronic invoices known as “mixed” or “hybrid” because they are based on a PDF file (PDF/A3 standard) comprising two distinct formats :

  • an invoice in PDF format, so that it can be read by anyone
  • a structured data file in XML format, enabling it to be read by machines and thus automating the processing and exchange of data

Factur-X is presented as a ‘classic’ invoice in PDF format, containing an XML file with all the essential invoice information (number, date, identity of client and supplier, amounts excluding VAT, including VAT, currency, etc.) and even more depending on the data profile.


What are the Factur-X standard data profiles supported by Azopio ?

To enable the widest possible adoption by all sizes of business, and to support them in their digital transition, Azopio supports all Factur-X data profiles, i.e. :

  • Minimum : corresponding to the minimum data required by the Chorus Pro platform and equivalent to extracting header and footer data using OCR and video coding.
  • Basic WL : corresponding to the invoice header and footer data most commonly requested and useful to buyers for processing purposes
  • Basic : corresponding to the BASIC WL profile with essential invoice line data
  • EN 16931 : corresponding to all the potential data provided for in the European semantic standard EN16931
  • Extended : corresponding to the EN16931 profile, with additional data. It should be noted that this profile is currently being defined but will be supported by Azopio.

How do you prepare ?

  • Electronic invoicing will gradually become the norm in France, with different implementation phases :
  • 01/09/2026 : All businesses required to accept invoices in electronic format
  • 01/09/2026 : Large companies and VSEs obliged to issue their invoices in electronic format
  • 01/09/2027 : VSEs and SMEs required to issue invoices in electronic format

Thanks to Azopio, you won’t have to do a thing as our solution will be connected to the PPF and Chorus Pro !


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