Electronic invoicing and expense reports

Collecte automatique des factures fournisseurs et clients

Are you fed up of losing or accumulating receipts for restaurants, petrol, tolls, other business expenses, etc. in your wallet and then in your drawers at the office !

Azopio Snap, a simple mobile application that scans and dematerialises your business expenses

Azopio Snap is a mobile scanner that can be downloaded free of charge to your mobile phone via the Apple Store or Google Play. It allows you to photograph your invoices as you receive them and send them to your account with a single click. All your receipts are immediately digitised and can be found in your space, automatically filed for you and time-stamped (i.e. stamped with a date + time). They are stored in your space for 10 years and can be accessed at any time! Thanks to our powerful recognition system, searching for a part by name, amount or reference number is quick and easy !

Digitise your documents ‘on the go’ and avoid losing them or spending hours searching for them in pockets and drawers. Digitised, they are also protected from discolouration or other damage that can occur over time.

Numérisation de factures et documents avec Azopio Snap
Saisie automatisée des factures

Intelligent, real-time detection and recognition of data

Once they have been sent to your space, your receipts are directly filed and stored, and their relevant data – name, date, currency, amounts including VAT, etc. – is instantly extracted so that it can be used and integrated into your accounts. Minimise the loss of receipts and recover the full VAT amount !

Do I need to keep my receipts and till receipts if they have been dematerialised ?

Since the Order of 22 March 2017 setting out the conditions for digitising paper invoices in application of Article L. 102B of the Book of Tax Procedures, it is now possible to keep only the digitised versions. It is nevertheless important to ensure that the transfer of invoices originally issued on paper to a digital medium is carried out under conditions that guarantee their identical reproduction. The result of this digitisation must therefore be a legible copy of the original in terms of image and content. It is therefore vital that you take completely legible (and not blurred) photos, because if the result is illegible, the tax authorities may reject the dematerialised document and ask you for a paper copy! So it’s in the interests of all parties to be diligent when taking photos !

Extraction automatique des données clés

So don’t waste any more time, download AZOPIO SNAP and start dematerialising your supporting documents straight away !

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