Financial management, cash flow monitoring and real-time control

Pilotage en temps réel de l’activité de votre entreprise

Azopio is an intelligent web application,
It provides you with data in real time, enabling you to monitor and steer your business directly, while freeing you from time-consuming tasks !

Monitoring your cash flow

Azopio connects directly to your bank accounts, so you can monitor your bank balance and debit and credit amounts in real time. Thanks to our automated bank reconciliation function, you’ll also know the exact nature of your income and expenditure !

Suivi en temps réel de votre trésorerie
Suivi des dépenses, recettes, trésorerie et TVA

Tracking expenses and sales

At Azopio, we give you the opportunity to track your expenses and sales at the granularity you want. Whether you use our predefined categories, analytical codes or simply the name of a supplier or customer, you’ll be able to see the nature of your income and expenditure in just one click. You’ll have a clear and exhaustive monthly overview of your business. Managing your business has never been easier, thanks to Azopio !

Monitoring debts and receivables

Monitor and control the invoices due and those awaiting payment for your invoiced services or products live, thanks to our clear and effective summary dashboards. These tables will enable you to manage your customer reminders effectively and in real time, or optimise the payment of your supplier invoices.

Suivi des factures et balances âgées
Récupération TVA déductible

Real-time VAT tracking: recover your VAT !

Whether you have opted for VAT on collection or VAT on debit, Azopio takes care of everything. In fact, Azopio can manage both VAT on collection (thanks to our automated invoice lettering/association function, Azopio can instantly determine the amount of VAT recoverable (or due)) and VAT on debit (thanks to our automatic VAT extraction function).

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