Payment initiation and invoice settlement

Suivi du paiement et règlement des factures fournisseurs

Azopio simplifies financial management for SMEs. Our aim is to give managers and financial directors back control of their cash flow. Azopio streamlines payments between companies, enabling you to dematerialise, centralise and pay your invoices directly from the platform, resulting in productivity gains and improved payment times.

Invoice payment management

Azopio offers both invoice management and payment. No more time-consuming preparation of payments ! Azopio lets you pay directly from our payment interface or generate XML payment files. Pay your invoices in 1 click and track them in real time !

Mise en paiement et règlement des factures
Envoi des factures à payer

Initiate your payments and get your bills paid

Once the invoices have been validated, you can send them for payment. Azopio automatically sends your bank all the information required for payment: name of supplier, amount incl. VAT, payment date / due date and IBAN of the beneficiary. What’s more, Azopio lets you pay your customer invoices by sending a payment link!

Validation and collaboration ?

Azopio allows you to bring together your entire management, financial and accounting team via our interface :

  • Customising roles and rights
  • Validation of invoices before payment
  • Validation of regulations
  • Real-time collaboration
Flux d’approbation et de validation des factures
pour la gestion et le paiement des factures fournisseurs

Secure payment via approved partners

Our partners, approved by the Banque de France, are responsible for making all payments in an ultra-secure manner. They therefore enable  :

  • Immediate or scheduled payment
  • Supplier notification
  • Track payment history

Automated bill payment status

Azopio tracks the payment status of your invoices in real time. From the moment the payment is initiated, a ‘Payment in progress’ status is displayed on the Azopio platform. This status is automatically updated once the payment result is received (payment issued or rejected).

Suivi du paiement et règlement des factures fournisseurs

Don’t wait for late payments to pile up, optimise and automate your invoice processing and payment processes and free up your day-to-day time !

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