Upload your invoices and other documents en masse to your Azopio space !

Mass import of purchase invoices

Your PDF invoices are already saved on a drive somewhere and you’d like to import them into your Azopio space so that they can be automatically analysed and processed in your accounting system ? Nothing could be simpler: Click on the “Add a document” button and drag and drop your invoices into the Supplier Invoice section or select the files from your PC.

Upload a batch of sales invoices

Would you like to record your sales invoices issued from your CRM or online invoicing tool in your accounts ? Download them from your solution and import them all at once simply by dragging and dropping them or by selecting them from your computer under Customer Invoice.

Download and save other documents to share and keep

Finally, you’d like to archive all your accounting and administrative documents in the same place. In the same way as for purchase or sales invoices, you can file your documents to be shared or archived under Bank (for documents relating to the Bank) or Other documents such as, for example, documents relating to URSSAF, your calls for contributions, your payment schedules, etc. You can then file them under the folders you have personally created.

Automatic mass processing of a batch of invoices

Once the files have been uploaded en masse to your space, the data is instantly recognised automatically for all the invoices and, as if by magic, the Name, Date, Amounts, Currency and VAT fields auto-fill !

Accounting information (supplier account, expense account, VAT account) is also entered automatically if the data has been configured once.

So, in record time, all the information you need to monitor and manage your business is available via intuitive dashboards that give you a real-time view of your finances at a glance. As a collaborative tool, it gives your chartered accountant remote access to your documents and accounting entries, so all he or she has to do is export them in the accounting format used by his or her accounting software.

So, whatever your subscription, you can file and automatically process a large quantity of documents in a matter of seconds, whether because you’ve just subscribed to Azopio or because you need to catch up on a backlog. Our packages are tailored to your needs and offer maximum flexibility and freedom.

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