Automate the retrieval of supplier invoices received by email

The loss of an invoice is costly for a company, so making sure that no invoice goes missing is essential for sound, untroubled management ! The Azopio solution enables you to automatically collect your purchase invoices received by email, as well as offering you the option of automatically retrieving them by connecting to your suppliers’ web portals.

How do you collect invoices sent to your mailbox ?

  • Simply forward your emails (invoices as attachments or receipts included in the body of an email) to the dedicated email address in your Azopio space.
  • Or set up a rule in your e-mail inbox to automatically transfer invoices from your suppliers to your dedicated e-mail address in your Azopio space (example
  • Or provide your suppliers with Azopio’s unique email address so that they can send the invoices they issue directly to your Azopio space.
  • Or simply connect your email inbox(es) to Azopio. When you connect, Azopio will search the last 7 days for any attached invoices. As each invoice arrives, it will be automatically retrieved and deposited in your space, then automatically processed (name, date, currency, amounts, VAT, automatic extracts) by our intelligent recognition algorithms.

Your invoices are all centralised in one place, automatically classified and retrievable at a glance by name, date, amount, comments and even by expense category.

Find out about other simple and practical ways of collecting your invoices and expense receipts:

So don’t wait any longer to automate the collection, organisation and processing of your invoices and free yourself from the chore of chasing invoices !

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