Switch from one client account to another from one single platform

With Azopio, your clients’ documents are all saved and accessible from one place.

Connect and switch between your clients’ accounts in just one click and view all your client’s specific documents through our user-friendly Accountants’ portal.

Stay updated with your clients’ documents.

Easily switch between clients through one single interface

Automated data entry to gain productivity

Every time a document is fetched or uploaded to your client’s account, our software extracts the key data (name, date, currency, amounts and taxes).

You can then review, amend and finally publish the data to automatically synchronize with your accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero.

Automatic data extraction of bills and receipts

Auto-fetch bank transactions

Don’t waste any more time logging onto each of your clients’ bank accounts.

Azopio collaborates with a data aggregation agent to automatically pull all the transactions out from your connected bank accounts, and present them in an ‘Excel’ format, so you gain time and efficiency.

Automatisation de la collecte des flux bancaires

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